Finding Dispersed Families


The screenprints utilised simple masking techniques to print over existing documents;  old newspaper articles of KBS’ program ‘Find Dispersed Families’.  This experiment was influenced by Jenny Holzer’s redaction paintings which look at haunting reminders of erasure and manipulation that occurs behind the American political sphere of power. Through using methods of erasure, Holzer eradicates and extracts information from pre-existing documents in order to reshape and recontextualise meaning.  

Likewise, ‘Finding Dispersed Familites’ shed light upon the fading histories and memories of families separated from the Korean war. The screenprints looked at revealing aspects of the displayed image in order to communicate the idea of resisting against erasure. I was intrigued by how the significance and meaning of these documents could be shifted by this seemingly simple layer of ink. This experiment was beneficial in understanding how such simple visual techniques could effectively communicate complex ideas.