Arirang, Our Land

Video Experiments

These were the early visual responses to the scripts. These experiments demonstrated more of a stylistic play to film making, exploring ways of integrating visual metaphors to enhance meaning. Archival footages were used in the preliminary stages as a way of brainstorming ideas, and understanding how the audio could fit in with the visuals.

Video 0 was the first execution of the interview as a video form. Looking at a simple text and audio relationship,  Video 0 marked the start of the whole film making journey, leading the project to the next step: Video A. Adding simple visuals to the videos, Video A focused on aiding the story through its nostalgic, grainy, home video look. Similarly, Video B explored the idea of recontextualisation. Snippets of Cinderella story was used to visually narrate the conversation being shared, adding another layer of complexity through its recontextualised content. Rather than rendering the footage black and white, Video B took into consideration, the overall tone of the interviewee’s voice, hence taking on a more lively appearance than the previous video. Video C was an overly designed piece where the visuals began to take away from the story rather than aid it. This allowed to me the realise that the videos worked best with simpler visuals, especially considering the complexity brought by the stories alone.